Reflection 2

The word architecture

According to the RAE dictionary, architecture is the art of designing and constructing buildings.

But studying architecture is much more than learning to design and construct buildings.

Studying architecture is learning, learning to unlearn and relearn.

Studying architecture is learning to believe in what you do, to get others to believe in it.

But studying architecture is sleeping less than desired. It is not remembering your face without dark circles.

Studying architecture is learning to distinguish «seeing» from «observing» and «observing» from «analyzing.»

Studying architecture is learning to be critical of everything around you, and especially of yourself.

But studying architecture is questioning yourself over and over again if it’s worth it. It is asking yourself a hundred times why you got in there to end up always finding positive answers.

Studying architecture is not only learning to create places, but also to occupy them.

Studying architecture is learning to fuse imagination, memory and knowledge.

But studying architecture is storing dozens of strange materials and objects «because perhaps they will serve me for a model …». It is to store hundreds of landscape photographs on your computer «in case I need them for a photomontage …».

Studying architecture is learning that what has always been «people» are now «users.» It is exponentially multiplying your use of the words «objective» and «subjective.»

Studying architecture is greatly increasing your vocabulary, especially of adjectives. It is learning that there is no rating poorer than “I like / I don’t like it” or “It seems pretty / ugly to me”.

But studying architecture is installing dozens of programs on your computer that you will never use. It is making your computer and your pencil your best friends.

To study architecture is to learn that this is a profession of service. It is learning to delicately combine thousands of technical aspects with as many aesthetic and design aspects.

Studying architecture is learning to be modest, knowing that there are countless aspects in which you can go wrong. It is learning that being the one who knows the most about everything is impossible, but knowing a little about everything and knowing who knows the most about everything is necessary.

But studying architecture is studying while others rest or party. It is, when you go out, to discover yourself unconsciously analyzing the distribution of the bathrooms or the furniture of the premises, studying their decoration, materials, lighting …

Studying architecture is learning that hours of work and effort always pay off. It is learning to value your free time in a different way.

But studying architecture is losing your nerves when, before a delivery, a program «Does not respond» or the plotter runs out of ink. It’s having the same file renamed in ten different ways.

Studying architecture is learning to perceive buildings not only with your eyes, but with all your senses.

It is learning that your life has changed, and that to value it, it is not enough to say «I like it» or «I don’t like it» …

It is, as Moneo would say, «to give thanks to Architecture for allowing me to see life through its eyes» …

Isn’t it wonderful?

Now more than ever I remember Hugo Barro telling us the first day telling us that our perception of the world was going to change

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